To promote Dorset Geology

To hold field trips/lectures in Dorset and surrounding areas-not necessarily limited to famous locations but also to less well known coastal and inland areas

To promote geological interest among school children and hep the schools
to make full use of local facilities within the Earth Science curriculum

To compile and maintain a list of people and resources with specialist/general knowledge of Dorset Geology and potential field trip leaders which would be available on request.  The existence of this list to be widely publicised

To monitor temporary/new exposures and to help keep the data base at the Dorset Environmental Records Office up to date concerning geological matters.

To distribute information in the form of the national/local circular to members and interested parties.

To co-operate with the local RIGS Group and to participate with
local Rockwatch Groups.

To participate in any promotion/campaign run by the GA Office(within reason)

To correspond with other local societies for the mutual benefit of all.