Kimmeridge Bay 1990 & 1984
A selection of photographsof the Dorset coast, a World Heritage Site, taken by Professor Michael House over a span of 50 years.
The Dorset GA has over 1000 of these recordings

Worbarrow Bay to Hengistbury Head
Worbarrow Bay 1984
Worbarrow Bay 1992
Worbarrow Bay 1990
Nodding Donkey 1990
Thin Sections 119, 120


Kimmeridge Oil Shale

Clavell's Hard
1985 Stone Band at base
1 metre scale
Thin Sections 131 & 132

Rope Lake Head
Stone Band

Rope Lake Head
White Stone Band
Gad Cliff 1984 & Brandy Bay
Rope Lake Head
Hounstout 1990
Thin Section 149
Purbeck Marble
Hounstout 1984
Emmit Hill & St Aldhelm's Head 1984
Thin Section138 Lower Marly Freshwater Beds
Durlston Bay, Swanage
Anvil Point Lighthouse Swanage
Durlston Bay 1984 & 1992
Dinosaur footprints Purbeck 1992
These beds have rapidly retreated since 1984
Ballard Down 1998
Punfield Cove 1998
& Upper Greensand
Foreland Point & Old Harry Rocks 1984
Eastern end of the
World Heritage Site
Studland 1992
Redend Point
Hengistbury 1987 Eastern end of the Dorset coast
Michael's field transparencies and rock thin sections were made available to the DGAG for public use by Felicity House in 2003.  DGAG members Peter Bath produced many new photomicrographs and Leon Sparrow scanned all material to disc
Thin Sections 145 and 146, Broken Shell Limestone, Durlston Bay, Swanage
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Thin Sections 134 and 135 Cinder BedDurlston Bay, Swanage