Thin Sections 43, 56 & 71
all Freshwater Cove

Basal Shell Bed

Portland Stone

Lower Purbeck

A selection of photographs of the Dorset coast, a World Heritage Site, taken by Professor Michael House over a span of 50 years. 
The Dorset GA has over 1000 of these recordings

Pinhay Bay (Western end of the Dorset coast) to Portland
Pinhay Bay

Triassic-Jurassic boundary
1m scale on Bed 25 1985

from Seven Rock Point 1985

Thin Sections 6 & 9:
both Lower Lias west of the Cobb
Chippel Bay 1998
& typical ammonite assemblage
Thin Sections
24, 25 & 30

east of Eype

Bridport Sands

Iron Ore

Bridport Sands West Bay
Thorncombe Beacon from West Bay 1984
Burton Bradstock  1983 &1998
St Gabriel's Mouth and Black Ven Marls 1984
'Snuff Boxes'
Burton Bradstock

Portland West Weares & East Weares1983
Titanites giganteus
Portland 'Screw' Aptyxiella portlandica
Tufa burrs in the
Purbeck Dirt Beds 2000
Portland Raised Beach west
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Thin Section 18: Birchi Tabular
west of top car park Lyme Regis
Blacknore Sandstone
Tar Rocks Portland
Michael's field transparencies and rock thin sections were made available to the DGAG for public use by Felicity House in 2003.  DGAG members Peter Bath has produced many new thin sections to fill in the gaps and Leon Sparrow scanned all material to disc
Thin Section 35
Golden Cap from Seatown 1984