Dorset’s Important Geological Sites Group (DIGS) – Geological Conservation workparty

Dorset’s Important Geological Sites Group (DIGS) will host a geological conservation workparty meeting at the Poxwell Quarry
Date: Thursday, 12 October 2023
For further information on exact time, meeting place and to attend
Contact DIGS liaison officer: Alan Holiday at email:
Theme: Although the Jurassic Coast in Dorset is well-known for its status as a UNESCO World Heritage Site for its geological interest, there are also many inland sites of great geological interest and importance. Some are natural exposures; others are old quarries or pits where the rock was worked for building stone, lime production, brick making or pottery clay. Many of these important sites need regular simple maintenance to ensure that rock faces are clear of vegetation and access paths kept open for visitors. In order to keep the sites available with access to the public and educational groups the DIGS group carries out conservation work, mostly clearing vegetation (brambles, nettles etc.). If this sort of activity is of interest to you and you would like to take part please contact us for further details. No previous knowledge of geology is required. However, it is a rare opportunity for you to get up close and personal to outcrops of important geology in the area and simultaneously learn from very experienced geologists in the group.
Photo: Poxwell Quarry. Photo & interpretation courtesy of DIGS website

Field Trip: Poxwell Pericline

Dorset Geologist’s Association Group (DGAG) will host a field trip on the Saturday 23 Sept 2023
Title: Poxwell Pericline
Leader: Jeremy Cranmer
Time/Location: Exact meeting time, location and further important information will be forwarded upon registration via email but a start at about 10am and finish approximately 4pm.
Cost: No fee
Registration Contact:
Open to the public as well – but with a number limit so on a first registered basis
Event Description: Exploration of the geology of the famous Poxwell Periclne led by Jeremy, see references below for a flavour of the geology and contact Jeremy for more details.
Photo:  Courtesy of Southampton University and Ian West website link noted below
Further Reading: Many historical references but good place to start is Ian West website